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Lederuddannelse hos Sensetik

Chief Project Manager Hans Jørgen Andersens erfaringer

Jeg fik bevilget betaling af Sensetik uddannelsen i forbindelse med en af de årlige “udviklingssamtaler” i Nordea. Jeg arbejder som projektleder, og mine hovedargumenter for at Nordea skulle finansiere uddannelsen var følgende:

Jeg har efter afslutning af Sensetik uddannelsen i 2013 deltaget i en ”træningsgruppe” – en slags opfølgning på uddannelsen - som jeg nogle år også har haft held til at få finansieret. Dette var blandt andet begrundet i nedenstående selvevaluering:

“I have started thinking about how to continue the good development, I have undergone during the last 3-4 years very much thanks to the extensive training course, I have been attending (Sensetik uddannelsen). I think I have learned a lot on the personal level, which I am using on a daily basis. It may not be that visible to others, but I have changed the perception of myself in a crucial way e.g. by having more confidence in my self and by “standing more solid” on my feet. I think I am now better in creating relationships to colleagues also when challenged in case of conflicts, where I used to have a tendency to become afraid and step back, and I think I have thereby gained some “power of influence”, which is crucial in my role as Project Manager. I am using these more soft, personal competences everyday both in my private and professional life. Just one concrete example is in my role as mentor and coach for a young Project Manager.”